Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mt. Samat

On Saturday the owner of the bar/restaurant next to the hotel offered to take me for am hours cruise around the city. We went through some walled communities that were surprisingly nice. It occurred to me that I'd been driving through some poor areas to get to/from work. Seeing these neighborhoods game me a dangerous "hey, I could get into this" kind of feeling.

From there we went to the war memorial Mt Samat. Its a tribute to the fight the Filipinos put up against the Japanese in the face of certain default. Suffice to stay it was a pretty horrific story.
Speaking of stories, there's an enormous cross at the site - 36 stories high. There's an elevator that leads to the top and offers an amazing view of the surrounding area.

I have one last follow up for work tomorrow and I really hope to have Tuesday off to get one last excursion in before I leave on Wednesday.

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