Saturday, June 22, 2013

Touch down!

I'm almost glad I didn't do the math in my head, but the trip took a wee bit longer to get there than I anticipated. 2hrs in Kelowna, an hour to Vancouver, a 5 hour lay over, 13.5hr flight and another 3 hours to drive from Manilla to the hotel in Subic. I didn't get a whole lot of sleep on the flight so I'm completely bagged. The humidity is pretty intense, too. Its at 59% if that means anything to you.

Once we dropped out of the clouds and actually saw land, the country is GORGEOUS. Here are some shots from the plane:

Quick vid:

As usual, the traffic in a new country is always interesting. This definitely reminded me of a trip I did to the Dominican years ago. Watch for the motorcyclist almost get squished near the end:

And you'll notice the Jeepney's they're famous for. An old military vehicle converted into transport for a dozen people or so. Often very colorful, and all over the road. The drivers here are nuts - the lines on the road are merely suggestions.

Just a couple minute walk from here is Vasco's. I spent a couple hours hanging out with the owner Brian; an Australian who's an avid diver and shipwreck hunter. He had dozen of items he's pulled up from the ocean over the last few decades which meant for some great stories. Old spanish coins, samurai swords, guns, coins from the 1600's, really cool stuff.

He's offered to take me around the area (Subic) some morning(s) which would be cool. Nothing like having a local show you around rather than a tour guide.

Turns out our three prong power cords don't work on the outlets here. I might head out and see if I can find an adapter - there was nothing to be found in Kelowna or Vancouver. Not sure what kind of life I'll get from this laptop's battery. Internet

I've been up for almost two days now and I'm fading quick. I think I'll go try to find some groceries and stuff before I get too lethargic. Want a good sleep tonight as I work tomorrow - my driver picks me up at 6am and I hope to have time for a breakfast before work.

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