Monday, February 27, 2006

Hockey Fight

We've all seen hockey fights, but I can't say I've ever seen one this big.

Top 10 Strangest iPod Accessories

A couple didn't seem like a bad idea (a bed that I could dock my iPod in), but some of the iPod accessories on this site are hilarious.

AFV Babies

One of the cutest videos I've ever seen:
YouTube - AFV Babies

Two hilarious ads

Both with the theme that "debt follows you around everywhere".
One here, and the other here.

Gilette’s Fusion Razor

Possibly the greatest review EVER. How can you top a review that includes gems like this?
“This must be what it felt like to be caressed by Aphrodite. God must now
include the Fusion in your orientation kit when you ascend to heaven. After
shaving this morning, I grabbed 3 random downtown Supermodels and kissed them.
All three are now under my desk taking turns gently and lovingly servicing me.
The five-blade Fusion—well worth the $109.99 price tag.”

Gilette’s Fusion Razor Review With Built-In Laser-Ion Cannon - Consumerist

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Virtually Vista : Before We Begin: Setting up your Virtual Hard Disk

Here's a really important article if you're going to try and install Windows Vista on a new virtual machine.
It turns out you have to prepare/partition the virtual drive first then the install will proceed.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Google Page Creator

After posting this entry I tried logging into the service and got this message:
Google Page Creator has experienced extremely strong demand, and, as a result,
we have temporarily limited the number of new signups as we increase capacity.
We will notify you as soon as we are ready to add new accounts. Thank you for
your patience.

What a terrific idea - I haven't tried it yet and apparently there's a bit of a "capacity problem" right now, but Google has released a beta of a web-based web page creator.
Make it easier for lay people to create web pages - its about time.
Google Page Creator

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Human Clock™

Oh, this is fantastic! This site has a picture for every minute of the day, in 12 or 24 hr format, digital or analog, etc etc.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Apple to buy Blockbuster?

What an idea. Apple is trying to be the one place we go for digital media. I'm already sold on the iPod and iTunes and podcasts, etc.
I'm not sold on watching a movie on an iPod, though. I can't understand why Apple is trying to get more and more people to watch video on a teensy weensy screen. What up with dat?

Anyhow, this site as a good read about why Apple might buy Blockbuster to help "build a video distribution empire to match its existing music distribution empire"
PBS I, Cringely . February 16, 2006 - BYOB

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ready for a StarTrek car?

How cool is THIS?!
Thanks for sharing, Jan.


Oh, this is rich! I'm already fantasizing about starting a Streetwar here in Kelowna, if only for me and a bunch of people I know. Though, it'd clearly be more exciting with strangers.

Oprah vs Tom

There's a lot of sarcastic and hilarious talk on the web about the authenticity of Tom Cruise's relationship to Katie Holmes.

Someone did some terrific editing and we end up with this gem

Apple to 'Switch' to Windows?

What a wild concept!
Slashdot Apple to 'Switch' to Windows?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Vicious Dog!

I was at a co-workers desk and saw her the desktop wallpaper she was using and had to gently insist that she send me the picture so I could post it here:

(you can click for a larger version.)

Thanks, Deb!

Reminds me of an earlier posting of mine


In the beginning it was a hilarious photo of a girl at a dance really letting loose.
Case in point:

And, as often happens on the Internet, some Photoshoppers got their hands on the picture and it became a phenomenom - now known as MOSHZILLA!!!!!

Check out the different versions at this site, or better still, search Google Images for Moshzilla or "mosh girl".

There's more here:

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Photograph of near fatal lightning strike

My buddy Jan has a photo on his blog that you've got to see. Don't forget to click on the photo to see a larger version. Really, its unbelievable.

Dog Prank

My buddy Jeff wants a dog. I'm guessing its in part because he would love to do things like this.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Google Maps <-> Google Earth Automatic Conversion

You can use Google Maps to find a place, with satellite imagery, then create a URL link that you can paste in to an email and send to someone. For example, click here to view "the boneyard".

Well, I use Google Earth a lot and have always wondered what it takes to create a Google Maps URL out of what I'm seeing on Google Earth's screen.

The dude at GOUILLOU.COM below has it all figured out!
GOUILLOU.COM: Google Maps <-> Google Earth Automatic Conversion

Handy Shirt Folding Video

I'm way, WAY too domesticated. I'm actually looking forward to trying this when I get home.
La-hooo, sa-her.
Dvorak Uncensored » Handy Shirt Folding Video

The World of Smartboards

I've been saying for years that the mouse is a horrible input device for a computer, which is why I generally stay with the keyboard. But even the keyboard is feeling archaic to me these days.
I just watched the video at this site and have an idea of what I'd like to see more of!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Great line

I just read this and thought it was so good I had to share:
“If I were a mad-scientist, commissioned by the government to create the
perfect woman, I would pocket the grant money, and just place you on the steps
of the Pentagon.”

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Virtually Torino

A terrific idea! You can use Google Earth to see all of the sites in Torino during the Olympics.
Check it out!
Official Google Blog: Virtually Torino

Giant rabbit

Yes, a giant rabbit. Maybe the "biggest bunny". There's an even larger picture after the jump.

CBBC Newsround Herman could be 'biggest bunny'

Official Google Blog: New on your Desktop

UPDATE: Feb 13, 2006
Yikes, this one kind of blew up in Google's face. Not only was the feature not exciting to me, but the EFF is advising against installing this version!
Speaking of new releases, there's apparently ANOTHER new version of Google Desktop (v3), but for the first time I'm not really compelled.
Official Google Blog: New on your Desktop

SharpReader RSS Aggregator

There's a new version of the RSS reader that I use:
SharpReader RSS Aggregator

RIM Announces Workaround in NTP Case

Looks like there's a workaround for our Blackberry's if RIM loses the case. I'm almost dissapointed 'cause I was starting to think a lot about camera phones, much less a cell phone that's COMFORTABLE to talk on, unlike the blackberry.
Slashdot RIM Announces Workaround in NTP Case

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Contact lenses from Nike!

Isn't THIS something?! It'd be pretty freaky competing against someone that stares you down with EVIL RED EYES

The lenses come in amber for sports like baseball and tennis where the wearer
must separate fast moving objects from the background, and grey-green for sports
like golf, where the background environment is what’s visually important. Both
colors filter out a significant amount of overall light, but they also sharpen
and improve contrast, so they have a brightening effect, says Alan Reichow, who
invented the lenses and is a sports vision consultant for Nike.

The amber lenses also turn the wearer's eye's an unsettling shade of red. But when Nike
asked players if they'd like to create a version that created less of an evil
eye, the answer was an overwhelming "no."

Wired News: Sharper Image, Better Performance

Cure for AIDS?

I wonder, is it wise to publish a report like this? Granted, if its true then this is some of the best news I've heard in years, but if not...
What studies to date show is a compound that attacks HIV at its molecular
membrane level, disrupting the virus from interacting with their primary
targets, the "T-helper" class white blood cells that comprise and direct the
human immune system. Further, CSAs appear to be deadly to all known strains of

Salt Lake Tribune

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Microsoft OneCare

OneCare Live as desribed by Microsoft:
Microsoft describes OneCare Live as a PC health service that runs continually in the background on a PC, providing round-the-clock protection and maintenance capabilities. The product includes a virus scanner and a two-way firewall, performs various system tune-ups, and has a data backup feature. Later this year, Microsoft will also integrate OneCare Live with Windows Defender, the company's antispyware solution.

John Dvorak has this great quote about OneCare:
Does Microsoft think it is going to get away with charging real money for any sort of add-on, service, or new product that protects clients against flaws in its own operating system? Does the existence of this not constitute an incredible conflict of interest? Why improve the base code when you can sell “protection”? Is Frank Nitti the new CEO?

There's more here:

Britney Spears is completely unfit

What a total cow

Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl XL Commercials

Finally a site that hosts the commercials with fast load times and you don' t have to sit through the website's own ads (like AOL, for example:
Super Bowl XL Commercials on Google Video

Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Marcia Brady-style" - hee hee hee

And I quote:
"O.K., I'm not saying violence is funny and I'm not saying that Star Jones is rather difficult to like, but even her producer on 'The View' admits that he can't get enough of seeing her hit in the puss with a football, Marcia Brady-style. Enjoy, people!"
See it here

The Empire Tumbles 4 Ya!

Hilarious and hurtful all at the same time! This article was too funny not to link to:
The Empire Tumbles 4 Ya! - Defamer

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

IE 7 bugs abound

There's an article on CNET talking about a bunch of problems with the Beta of IE7 that I blogged about.

If you listen real carefully you can hear Jan laughing (and it sounds a little smug if you ask me)

Spell with flickr

How cool is this?! Look for the "Entry Form" link on this page and you can produce your very own ransom note!

Too much money to tax

You know you're rich when:
the tax office in the US has to store his financial data on a special computer because his fortune is so vast

Read more about Bill Gates and how he has too much dough.