Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Contact lenses from Nike!

Isn't THIS something?! It'd be pretty freaky competing against someone that stares you down with EVIL RED EYES

The lenses come in amber for sports like baseball and tennis where the wearer
must separate fast moving objects from the background, and grey-green for sports
like golf, where the background environment is what’s visually important. Both
colors filter out a significant amount of overall light, but they also sharpen
and improve contrast, so they have a brightening effect, says Alan Reichow, who
invented the lenses and is a sports vision consultant for Nike.

The amber lenses also turn the wearer's eye's an unsettling shade of red. But when Nike
asked players if they'd like to create a version that created less of an evil
eye, the answer was an overwhelming "no."

Wired News: Sharper Image, Better Performance


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