Thursday, June 27, 2013

Almost time for a vacay

Whoops, haven't gotten around to posting for a couple of days. I'd expected I could post quick ones from my phone, but I've since learned how quickly one can burn through a roaming data plan so I only work on wifi now.

I love this place. When I'm not working, I've spent most of the time being driven to/from work and the drive gets more beautiful every day. The weather's been perfect which helps of course. The traffic initially felt chaotic but I'm pretty accustomed now. I'll need to be careful not to be passing people on the right when I get back home!

I guess my last post was Monday. So what's happened since then?

  • Tuesday night was as simple as a shower, dinner and catching up on email and texts. The evenings fly by so quickly.
  • Wednesday I got dropped off in Olongapo to meet some friends of friends. Its amazing how hospitality works here. My cousin married a lovely Philippino girl and a few days ago her father "friended" me on Facebook and has since offered to look up some relatives in the area to pick me up and show me around if I so desire. I think I might take him up on the offer for Sunday.
  • Tonight I'm wiped after a fairly full day at work and now a very full belly. This week it feels like I've eaten more seafood than I have in my entire life (I used to really dislike seafood). The last few years I've found that things I didn't think I liked or normally wouldn't have tried are actually quite good! But, tonight I fell back to comfort food for a change and had a surprisingly good pizza.
Okay, time for some random snaps.
a nice view on the way home

lots and lots of rice fields

gorgeous area on the way to work

one of my favorite parts of the drive to work

coconut water. comes with a spoon to scoop the flesh out

my favorite pic of the trip so far. the view on the way home (briefly)

I'm here for breakfast every morning @ 5:15a and sometimes dinner.
tonight one of the waitresses was so cute and shy when she said she remembered me from the other night then kind of hovered around for a while. I didn't marry her.

same place, but inside. that's how I do breakfast now. :)

my super awesome and less than photogenic driver: Rhey

do whatcha gotta do to get to work on time, mang

sunset on the way home - love that mountain in the back ground.
no, I don't know its name. what am I, an encyclopedia?

missed my pups immediately. almost asked the driver to let me out so I could hug the little guy

km #1 of the Bataan Death March. Pretty morbid story but big history here.

don't have to ask me twice. especially the way he was driving. geesus



sunset tonight - and I'm out...

typical driving here

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