Friday, June 28, 2013

First day off!

Work went pretty well today! 7 or more months of work and preparation was tested today and my software held up! Well enough that I've been granted a weekend off for good behavior.

I've arranged for a driver tomorrow that will show me around for about 5 hours for about $100. I could probably talk him down a little, but frankly I could care less at this point. What's a hundred bucks when work has paid for the flight and hotel, amirite?

I know we're likely going to the site of some giant cross on a mountain. I don't know the back story yet and frankly don't need to. I just want to see more of the countryside, enjoy some views, snaps some pics, eat some food, have some laughs and relax.

On Sunday I've got another guide. My cousin's Filipino wife's dad has offered to put me in touch with HIS cousin who lives nearby and apparently is happy to show a foreigner around. The generosity threw me at first, but I eventually came to and said absolutely! I'm going to request that we try and find some lechon, I read about it a number of times when researching the Philippines before I left so its definitely on my mini-bucket list while I'm here.

Spent an hour or two in a bar tonight listening to a drunk Swede and an Austrailian warn me over and over that I'm doomed. Over and over and over. Since I'm white and single I'm supposedly going to have women throwing themselves at me and I'll end up falling in love. Oh lawd, save me now!!!

Speaking of which, I made an adorable little buddy. She's a waitress at one of the only two restaurants near the plant I'm working at. Jelly Ann is her REAL name, but like most Filipinos she goes by a nickname most of the time. Lilian. Her NICKname is Lilian. Weird. But who cares, she's adorable. All this time I thought she had the cutest little demure smile, but on the second day I realized she was simply hiding braces. lol

I can't remember if I posted a pic of where I'm staying. Its right here, pop by if you're in the area!

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