Monday, June 24, 2013

Yeah, I was a little optimistic

When asked how long I thought I might be working at the BFG plant I've been saying it could be 1/2 day, it could be 5. The half day quip was ridiculous, but a small part of me secretly believed it was possible. Yeah, I was a little off.
After a day on site I'm certain I'm going to be there for another couple at least, which is fine because we allowed for 7 in total. There were just so many unknowns and surprises encountered today.
I was up at 5am and eating breakfast by 5:30 on Subic Bay.
It's a gorgeous 1.5hr drive to the plant with all sorts of activity along the sides of the road. Tricycles are all over the place in this area:

After work my driver generously offered to show me some of the adjacent city (Olongapo) to get an idea what it's like in case I decide to spend some off time there. What a mad house, the place is absolutely crazy busy and that was on a Monday night. Apparently the weekends are bedlam. Shops, bars,"dancing" and giant malls, etc.
I didn't get much for pictures today, the wireless in my room blows and I'm tired as hell so not a lot to report on today.
Sure missing my peeps from back home - I'm 15hrs ahead of BC time so there's awkard overlap of our waking hours.
I need sleep, so I'll leave you with a parting shot that I took on the way home from work as the sun was setting:

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