Sunday, June 30, 2013

You call this a monsoon?

It finally rained last night. The timing couldn't have been better as I'd already done all the sightseeing I wanted (pics to follow) and was going to spend the rest of the evening hanging out with the same driver.
He took me to a great little spot for an authentic Filipino dinner. Two types of goat (one spicy and one just plain delish) and finally the lechon I'd been wanting to try. It was all terrific, especially the mango shake. They seem to really like their shakes out here and I'm a convert now.

This was the drive into Olongapo:

People were stepping off the curb into "puddles" up to their knees!! So we headed indoors for some pool and socializing. I ruin the photo but Akih was a stunner! My new favorite Filipino. sigh.

Today it continued to rain so I spent the day indoors relaxing. Started it off right with a Filipino breakfast of fried eggs, beef tapa, tocino and garlic rice.

I've got to head into work tomorrow, one last time (fingers crossed) and hopefully I'll have Tuesday free to mess about.

I'm torn: one one hand I'm stoked about returning home, but on the other I love this place and would like just another month or two to get it out of my system.

I'll post pics of yesterday's excursion after I finish this awesome pizza. :)

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akih said...

Wow..! This is soo cool.. :-) its like a documentary.. :-) hahaha,, love it.. And thanks for all the compliments anyway. :-)