Monday, July 01, 2013

Last day

Well it's here, my last day in the Philippines. I leave tomorrow morning at nine allowing four hours to get to Manila. 

I spent the majority of my day watching my laptop reboot trying to address some problems being experienced at the plant here. I feel like such a poor white boy but lack of reliable Internet and the inability to use my iPhone while abroad because of data roaming charges is really frustrating!

So, the morning was a write off but my afternoon should be much more enjoyable. The rains have stopped again and the sky is blue. I've got some company to do a little bit of shopping and have some dinner so it's nice that I won't be spending these last hours alone. 

I've only taken a single photo today and it's another one of my first world problems. I was very excited to have eggs Benedict for breakfast but received the following:

If I've learned anything while here it's that we've really got things good in Canada, to the point where I'm almost embarrassed about it. I hope this renewed sense of gratitude for my life back home doesn't slip away anytime soon. (Which is why posted of the photo above, it feels ridiculous to be disappointed by breakfast. I should simply be grateful for eating! So I am!)

More later...

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