Saturday, January 14, 2006

Shaw Throttling Bit Torrent?

I finally decided to try Bit Torrent and see how it peforms now that my connection to the Internet is so much faster.

I fought with it for about an hour, read some FAQs and then remembered a friend suggesting that Shaw was blocking Bit Torrent packets. I tried a quick search and found this article.

What a freaking shame - but it seems like a necessary evil as Reuters claims Bit Torrent accounts for 35% of all Internet activity!

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Anonymous said...

Shaw and telus both throttle Torrents... but they can only throttle the default torrent ports. So, just use something other then the default (i.e. I use port 65511). They will catch on to this port for me sometime, but then I just change it again... there are allot of ports out there that are unassigned ports out there:)(65000+)