Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dee @ Shaw ROCKS

Nice! I finally had a good experience calling my Internet provider (Shaw Cable Systems). I've been waiting for ages (okay, a couple months but it FEELS like foreever) to find out why I haven't been transferred to a higher speed connection as I requested back in November. After 4 unanswered emails I decided to call and wait for tech support to call me back.

When I hear from Shaw I'm used to "professional", stale, boring, faceless, corporate personalities on the other end.

This time I was lucky enough to speak with Dee. She was unprofessional, easy to speak with, hilarious, personable, a little quirky and SHE TOTALLY MADE A BAD THING GOOD.

As of NOW my Internet connection is almost 3x faster than it was before speaking with Dee. Turns out one of her (less qualified, less personable) co-workers put me on an enhanced telephone service instead of an enhanced Internet service. Easy mistake? I'm guessing not.

Dee. I encourage you to send the link to this blog to your boss to let him/her know how much I appreciate your help tonight. You were one of the most helpful, well spoken and personable tech support people I've ever spoken with. For real. I think that says a lot since I've been in the computer industry for nearly 15 years (like you).

Thanks a bunch, Dee. You made my day.

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