Friday, April 28, 2006

Beeplet: timed alerts

A couple years ago I reminded a coworker (in fact a really good friend that I am about to rib) that something he was responsible for needed to be done. He asked me to remind him again that night. This was somewhere around the millionth time he asked me to remind him about something, despite the Outlook calendar on his computer, the notebook in his hand, the head on his shoulders and the cell phone on his hip.

Being the spiteful jerk I can be I took the 10 minutes it required to build a small program to send him 1,500 emails to his home address "reminding him".

That was before I learned about this new service called Beeplet:
Beelplet offers a great way for creating, organizing, and receiving reminders with notifications through Email, RSS, and soon to be SMS and Instant Messengers.

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