Sunday, December 18, 2005

Where I'm at

I'm in Stuttgart, Arkansas for 5 days. I'm 2855 km away from home according to the City Distance Tool on Geobytes.

I had some holidays to use up and these folks wanted me to visit them on site, so here I am!

It took 14 hours and 2 missed flights (not my fault) but I'm finally here and things are going ridiculously well.
Riceland provides marketing services for rice, soybeans and wheat grown by its 9,000 farmer-members in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Texas. Each year, its 1,900 employees receive, store, transport process and market more than 125 million bushels (2.5 million metric tons) of grain.

Riceland is the world's largest miller and marketer of rice and one of the Mid-South's major soybean processors.

I'm helping them automate the process of creating sales orders in their ERP system (aka: Adage or ERP) from electronic versions (EDI 850 documents) they receive from their customers. Big shout out to my new buddy Dan who's going be a freakin superstar at the company when he finishes building and implementing everything we've designed.

Tomorrow is my last full day here and its really just going to be wrapping things up since we've accomplished so much in the first two days.

Tuesday I wake up in Arkansas on my birthday, fly home to my girl, catch up and head out to watch Canada play the Czech's in an exhibition game for the World Junior Hockey Championships.... live in our own arena.

Okay, how can you tell I've got too much time on my hands tonight? I should sign off, get some dinner then a much needed rest.

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